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Investment Management

"We invest your money with the same precision we invest our own.”           

At Windawi & Associates, we are dedicated to constructing and managing investment portfolios with a high level of personal service. As a defining feature of our firm, our investment strategies incorporate a rigorous analytical process to ensure we understand client priorities and goals. In addition to identifying short and long-term objectives, we will assess your resources and your level of risk tolerance.

We draw upon a broad investment universe to deliver the most effective investment plans. While providing clients with direct access to top-tier investments, our asset allocation strategies integrate investments into a diversified portfolio* that is optimized for the long-term pursuit of your goals.

Your custom investment plan will include:

  • Risk Tolerance assessment
  • Portfolio adjusting to reduce and/or eliminate taxes
  • Evaluation of ways to reduce risk while pursuing your goals
  • Comprehensive Institutional Money Management


The W&A Investment Philosophy

In our fast-changing world, people need professional investment management they can trust. We understand how overwhelming investing your wealth may seem. By crafting customized strategies, we make it our mission to simplify those complexities and continually advance your goals.

Focused on the Long-View

As a private and independent investment firm, we lead with strategies, not products. Long-term performance and longevity are our primary focus. We believe successful investing is predicated no on timing markets, but on quality time in the markets. Through all market cycles, we apply our disciplined planning process to building diversified portfolios that seek to meet unique needs of each and every client.

Your Goals = Our Top priority

There is a single question at the heart of our process: what do you want to achieve? 
Your answers are the starting point for your investment strategies. Through understanding the full picture of your financial situation, your short and long-term objectives, your risk tolerance and more, we will design tailored investment strategies that align with your goals. Our cutting-edge approach allows us to defend our clients’ wealth by being simultaneously strategic and cautious through all market conditions.

Tax Optimized

Just as you diversify your assets among cash, stock, bonds, and real estate, our advisors also believe in diversifying your assets from a tax perspective. With such diversification, our strategies empower you to respond to changes in tax codes and protect your retirement money irrespective of these changes.

Behavioral Coaching

Investing can be emotional, especially when the markets are in turmoil. Flashy news outlets and political statements can get our heart rates moving faster than our logic, but with our team, you’ll find that rationality wins the day. When others panic, we’ll stay the course as we keep our eye on reaching your long-term goals.

Our investment approach is founded not on emotion, but on the proven tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory, for which the esteemed Harry Markowitz won the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economics. Central to Modern Portfolio Theory is the belief that over time, disciplined diversification with regular rebalancing yields successful returns.

As part of our emphasis on behavioral coaching, we work closely with clients to help them avoid the knee-jerk, emotionally-driven reactions that dominate media headlines. Together, we will help you cultivate qualities of patience and focus during periods of market volatility, serving as your personal guide through all economic chapters. Rather than coach you from afar, we’ll walk beside you every step of the way.

* There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification and Asset Allocation do not protect against market risk.